Monday, 7 April 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Fleshhounds

And another troop-type is complete!

This time five Fleshhound stands.

Like the Bloodletters I did last week, these guys were (for some reason) sculpted by Citadel way-off-scale, but you can only work with the models you have (unless you're good with Green Stuff, which I most definitely am not).

These were simply sprayed black, then drybrushed white. I then drybrushed (from top down) with yellow, then orange, then red, then went back to the top of the models again and drybrushed a little more white. I then gave the whole thing a red ink-wash. (I wanted a light-to-dark red gradient from top to bottom - I think it worked OK). I picked out the ridge of horns down the back with brown, highlighted in bone and picked out the teeth in bone.

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