Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Unboxing: Tavern set 25MR1 from Frontline Wargaming

I've recently decided to take on a few smaller projects to tide me over the Christmas period - space is tight due to having to set up Christmas trees and so on, so a lot of my "crap" (my wife's detailed, technical description of my wargaming paraphernalia) has been packed away.

So the plan is to finish off a half-completed project (a W40K Imperial Guard Baneblade), knock out a Blood Bowl team or two and build a small vignette.

I've only ever done one vignette before (which was a long time ago and has been knocked about a bit and needs a bit of rescue work) so this is going to be fun, I suspect.

To that end, I've purchased the "25MR1Tavern Set" from Frontline Wargaming.

All pieces are made from resin and some show some signs of pre-assembly.

In general the sculpts are clean, well-scaled and fairly detailed (though some of the wood-grain is a little shallow so some gentle drybrushing or washes will be required to bring out the detail).

There's some evidence of flash and mould lines that will need to be removed too, but nothing too drastic.

The entire set only cost £6.05 + £2.00 P&P so was a very good deal - there's a lot of model here for your money.
Shelves for behind the bar


Bench seat - sorry about the crummy photo!

Two benches and two chairs

Table - again: sorry for the lousy pic.

The bar (viewed from the front)

The bar (viewed from behind)

I'd definitely buy again from Frontline Wargaming if I need this sort of accessory. They have an extensive range and are well worth checking out.