Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ork Village

The Ork village is constructed from foamboard. The whole of the buildings' exteriors are coated with PVA and sand, painted a buff colour and drybrushed with an off-white to give a sandstone look. Window details are either just black card or wire mesh (available from car repair centres for patching rust holes- you glue it behind the hole and then build a layer of filler up flush with the body of your car, I believe) cut to size. 

The large "Waaghh!" banner is made from layers of paper (for stiffness and thickness), aluminium foil (stays in shape once bent) and plastic carrier bag (difficult to tear) glued together with PVA, shaped to drape over the roof and hang in loose folds. Details like oil-cans etc. are from Citadel Ork vehicle plastic models or an old "WWII Battlefield Accessories" model set.
The bases here are just flock glued onto card.

The camo-netting is simply a section of the mesh bags that fruit is often supplied in, glued in place and painted with a messy green-brown pattern. Doors and trapdoors are made from black-painted card glued on to the inside of the buildings which then have strips of balsa-wood glued on, painted black and drybrushed brown.

I don't really consider these pieces "finished" - they're far too clean for an Ork settlement. I need to grubby them up and build a few more industrial looking bits, add some chequers etc. I have an Ork force to paint up but it's way down my priority list at the moment so these buildings will wait alongside that force to be completed behind other, more interesting projects.