Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Beasts of Chaos

Here is my Beasts of Chaos army. This army was put together on a shoestring budget and as such is rife with fixes, repairs, conversions and suchlike.

Of all my armies this is one of the ones I'm most proud of - I like the overall look and feel of them on the tabletop and whilst only painted to a "Tabletop Standard" I think they look the business, if I do say so myself.

Beasts players will no doubt spot that the army is built to the old "Beasts of Chaos" army standard rather than the newer "Beastmen" standard - this is intentional: I don't like the new Beastmen book: It would require me to rebase my Ungors, dispose of my Ogres and Giant and also gets rid of one of the unique features of the old book: The concept of Beast Herds comprised of mixtures of Gors and Ungors.

Basically, it makes the Beasts "boring". Don't want that!

The Beasts Heroes - two very old Citadel Minotaur models (roughly the same size as a Gor). I thnk these are old AD&D models from the late 1980s.

A Beast Herd

Another Beast Herd, with Herdstone. I actually have three Herds, but only two are shown here.

When you've seen one Herd, you've seen them all!

Bestigors - Citadel's first go at plastic Beastmen from about 1992.

Centigors. I don't like the Citadel centigor models, so I made my own.

Centigors viewed from a different angle. I built them from Gor/Ungor torsos and attached them to old-style Rough Rider horses. I covered the joints with modelling putty. All the right arms are magnetised for easy storage and also so they can be swapped out for standards/musical instruments/spears.

Chariots. Pretty much as supplied, but I swapped bits between the kits so that they looked different from each other.

Minotaurs. The model on the left is from the old "Heroquest" set.

More Minotaurs. The model in the middle is another "Heroquest" model. The one on the left is a conversion - left arm replaced with some Chaos Spawn tentacles and attached in such a way that the standard can be removed (it attaches to a magnet in the base and fits through a gap in the tentacles).
My Beasts army also makes use of Chaos Warhounds, Ogres and the Giant model shown elsewhere on this blog.