Monday, 25 February 2013

Modelling smoke

One of the things I was sent by those nice chaps at recently was a link to a video on how to build models of smoke markers to represent damage to vehicles and buildings on the tabletop.

Whilst the original link is long lost, there are plenty of videos out there by people building smoke markers.

Some are more fun than others. I chose to follow this one, which not only shows how to build the markers, but also how to illuminate them so they look like there's a live fire burning within!

Here's an image of one of my own models with one of my markers.

The entire project cost less than £10, I got 9 markers out of it and they look great (and are gauranteed to attract attention if you're playing at a games club, Warhammer World or similar.

One note of warning - the electronic tea candles these things are built around are notoriously dodgy: three of the twelve I ordered didn't function when delivered and one died shortly afterwards. Still - they are dead cheap and you do get what you pay for. Anyway - you have been warned.