Monday, 25 February 2013


I built this model in order that it could form a centrepiece for a battle I was playing against Mike's Goblin Horde. As I'm still using the "Beasts of Chaos" armybook rather than the more recently issued "Beastmen" book, there are no specific rules for Herdstones, so for the game we decided it to be a "Special feature" (p.100, WFB 7th Ed.).

The Beasts of Chaos Herdstone - Front
The model itself was a simple construction of layered polysytrene tiles (salvaged from packaging material) broken roughly into sections of the size I wanted, glued together with PVA glue and with some plastic rods skewered through them from top to bottom for added strength. The base is simply a rough oval of plasticard.

The polystyrene section was cut roughly to shape using a hot-wire cutter before being glued to the base. The entire thing was then coated with PVA and sprinkled with course sand before being painted and drybrushed.

All other items on the model are spares from one bits box or another, painted and glued into place (some have had long wire pins drilled and glued into them so they can be stabbed into the model to hold them still whilst the glue dries).

Herdstone - Rear
 As always when working with polystyrene - take the utmost care with your selection of glues & paints as anything based on a petrochemical will dissolve the material. I used PVA glue throughout and paints were all acrylic.