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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Middle Earth SBG (Moria Goblins - part 5)

You know that bit in the "The Fellowship of the ring" movie where there are teeming hordes of goblins chasing the Fellowship through Moria, scurrying up the walls and surging across the ground?

Well, that's kind of the army that I want to recreate for my Moria Goblins.

My recollection of the book is that there are Goblins and there is the Balrog (stay tuned). Peter Jackson added a Cave Troll (stay tuned). Games workshop added a bunch more stuff when they wrote the game that just - as far as I can recall - didn't exist in the movie or the book.

So for my own army I'm planning to - as far as I can - avoid the GW additions and stick to the force are represented in the fiction.

It may well end up not being very playable or competitive. I can always add more later. No biggy.

I will have no choice but to add a bunch of characters that aren't represented in the book/movie as you are obliged to field characters by the army building rules (if playing by points). But aside from that I'm planning to keep it straight for the time being.

Soooo... More goblins:
More Middle Earth stuff:


  1. Quite a few 'liberties' were taken to make them an appealing force to play with, or even as a bunch of villains for the movie.
    I don't approve of all of them but I can see the reason why. The battle with the cave troll is one of the most iconic scènes in the first movie.

    Lovely work on this batch of goblins. I would love to see a group shot once you're done, that must be a very impressive force indeed.

    1. Thanks again for your kind comments. I will definitely arrange for a group shot.

  2. Can never have enough goblins


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