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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Middle Earth SBG (Moria Goblins - part 3)

The breeding pits of Moria have birthed the final set of goblin spearmen for my growing army. That takes my total spearman count to 40 models. I have 60 goblin models remaining to do to complete the rank-and-file for this army (roughly 30 swords and 30 bows).

I'm finding it very difficult to source affordable goblin hero models, and since this game has a heavy "hero-tax" (you need at least one hero per warband and the max size of a warband is just 18 models) I need to find at least half-a-dozen heroes.

Since those nice folks at GW are charging £45 for 4 heroes and a drum, they can "go whistle" as the expression goes. eBay isn't turning up much either at the moment, so I may need to try to convert something.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Nice additions to your growing army.
    Good luck with the conversions, you're probably best of with just swapping some heads and weapons, perhaps from the D&D miniatures line, the style is somewhat similar.

    1. Hi Wouter

      I wish it was that simple! The Moria Goblins are one-piece monopose models so the heads and weapons etc are all part of the model. No assembly required.

      That's the main reason that I haven't already started on the conversions. I'm still working out the best approach.

    2. That's indeed a bij, especially as they seem to hold their weapons so close to their bodies.
      Their style is quite peculiar so I don't know if other companies have goblins that will fit in, Reaper maybe, ... If you can find some with a fully enclosed helmet it won't matter that their face is any different and they would make great heroes if you can get some shields of these Moria goblins without damaging them.

  2. Well, the old Battle Games in Middle-Earth magazines have an amazing goblin conversion into a captain (it is in #22 mag. if I remember correctly).
    You might want to check that out :)


  3. Thanks for the tip I will look into that 🙂


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