Thursday, 1 November 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 16 - More tiles)

I've finally got around to completing the remaining seven tiles for my games table project!

So now I have fourteen 2' x 2' tiles as follows:
  • 6 x flat tiles
  • 2 x beach tiles
  • 1 x pond tile
  • 2 x straight river tiles
  • 2 x "L" river tiles
  • 1 x "T" river tile
The range of layouts I can create on my 6' x 4' table is brilliant!

And - the best bit - I'm only halfway through (previous statements about having completed the work notwithstanding) because all of these tiles are built to be DOUBLE-SIDED!!

So each flat file, has a depression on the other side for a river section, for example. If you go right back to my first post on tile design, you'll see how it will work.

So, now it's time to flip them all over and do it all over again with a more traditional "grass" finish.


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