Friday, 10 August 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 9 - adding features to tiles)

So at this point I have seven tiles cut, assembled and textured with gritty black paint.

Time to start bringing them into line with my models' basing scheme.

For forever-and-a-day I've been basing my models with a view to at some point building a games table for myself. They look like this (shown here on a small vignette I constructed to serve as a photo booth):

As you can see the scheme is basically an ash-waste, with some scrubby grass and patches of snow.

So I'll begin with a boatload of drybrushing:

My son Noah -  my most valued assistant on this project. Shown here in a drybrushing frenzy!

Once all the drybrushing was completed, we painted on some patches of PVA and added grass patches (a 50-50 mixture of Javis "spring" flock and "summer" static grass). I've not attempted to get the static grass to stand as I will be storing these tiles stacked up in a pile so it would get flattened anyway.

Once that was done, we painted on some more PVA and then added snow (Bicarbonate of Soda from the local supermarket).

Once all was dry, I mixed up a 50-50 mix of PVA and water in a spray bottle and gave the whole table a series of three heavy spray coats to seal everything down, leaving 24 hours between each for the previous to dry.

I'm getting there! I will add more to these surfaces shortly, but I'm itching to get stuck into the water features next.

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