Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Stormcast Eternals: Test model

OK - it's official. I've lost my mind, gone fishing, out to lunch. Bats in the belfry, a total nutjob, flibble, wibble, gibber, gribbly.


I've been looking at the Kharadron Overlord models that GW have just released for Age of Sigmar. Now I've never played AoS. No reason other than I've not had an opportunity. I've been very impressed with a lot of the new models that GW have released for it but until now - knowing I have no chance to play at the moment due to "life" - I've not picked any up.

That's been bugging me. I consider GW to be the Microsoft of the gaming world - ubiquitous, unescapable and not always responsible for the best products out there. That said, I've been a GW man since the early days of Warhammer - I started shortly after the 2nd Edition was released. I was sad when they dropped it even though I could see why they did it.

And I've just not made the jump yet.

Then the Kharadron guys came out. Wow! I like them!. They got me thinking in all sorts of ways: AoS (obviously), Squats (and I know a lot of others have had the same thought), Forge Fathers (for Mantic's Sci-Fi setting).

So I resolved to grab some.

I started by picking up some rules - I ordered the Kharadron Overlords book as well as the "Order" and "Chaos" Grand Alliance books. I ordered the Arkanaut Admiral model and an AoS "Getting Started" booklet. I was busy working on other things when the parcel arrived so other than reading through the books I didn't get a chance to start working on the Kharadron model. The "Getting Started" booklet arrived late. Timing: It arrived the day I finished working on another mini. So as always, my plan to get underway with the Kharadron was scuppered by the fact that the booklet - when it arrived - had a free Stormcast model attached.

So I painted him, and here he is: