Thursday, 26 January 2017

Vampire Counts: Unit Fillers/Objective Markers

More distractions - I must try to focus. Still - it's a happy distraction and it is more or less related to my undead army build...

Anyway, I'm aware as you may know if you've seen my earlier post where I showed the Zombie unit I've built that Undead/Vampire Count armies are very much "Hordes" and as such require a very large number of models. Regular viewers of my blog will also know that I'm a cheapskate skinflint.

As such I didn't want to just spend money hand-over-fist on making millions of Zombies/Ghouls/Skeletons etc. but wanted to play a little, make something that looks a little different but still achieves the objective.

I decided to have a go at building some unit-fillers - bases that don't contain the regular model-type for the unit but that can be used in many places to bulk out a unit.

A bit of googling led me to some inexpensive grave markers made by Renedra - I bought a couple of sets and have used some here, I will use more to bulk out other units (I'm thinking Ghouls) and more still are being reserved for a scenery piece I have started working on.

So I built these:

It occurred to me when I'd finished that I could also use these as Objective Markers.

Then I stood them all side-by side:
And found I had an impromptu graveyard!
Then I remembered that they were actually intended to be unit-fillers:
There is one back-left and another on the back row just right of centre - they blend in well, I think
Now that's how you get your money's worth out of a small purchase and a quick bit of painting!

And before any of you post "but the monuments have Christian symbols on them and that's not right for Warhammer/Kings of War", please be aware that I don't care. It's a game of toy soldiers, not a way of life/religion in itself.

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