Thursday, 21 July 2016

Space Marines: Landspeeder Typhoon

This was bought as a junk lot from ebay as a regular landspeeder without looking at the photo too closely.

When it arrived in the post I was both surprised and disappointed.

The doors were missing. So was the bumper/fender arrangement that normally surrounds the front of the model. No weapons either.

However, there was a good reason the bumper/fender was missing! The previous owner has extended the nose of the 'plane and elongated it. He/she also added a nifty canopy over the pilot! Neato!

So I added a magnet (like on my other 'speeders) so I can swap weapons around. One problem solved.

I picked up some weapon pods from a bitz store to sit in place of the missing doors. Problem two solved, plus it also made the 'speeder typhoon look different than a regular speeder. Bonus.

The canopy made painting it a little tricky as I had to disassemble it in order to paint it and then rebuild it afterwards. 

All good fun and well worth the effort.

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