Friday, 27 May 2016

Space Marines: Stormraven (Part 5 - Finished!)

As you will see from photos below, I've completed the outstanding work on the Stomraven - that's decals, weathering and the pilot and his canopy.

As you will no doubt notice, this model is sporting decals for the Raven Guard chapter.

My intention was to embellish the decals with lightning flashes (Stormcrow/Lightning Raven - geddit?) but after shelling out a bunch of cash for the decal sheets I just couldn't make my experiments of adding lightning work satisfactorily so I've kicked it to the kerb and just applied the decals.

I'm going to press on next with adding the decals, weathering and updating the basing on the rest of my completed Marines. I've got a bunch more Marines to add to this force (Scouts, more Terminators, more Bikes, Command and Honour guard) - I'm not sure at this point whether I'll do any of those as I have so many other projects waiting in the wings that I want to get cracking on.

More Stormcrow Chapter stuff:
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