Saturday, 23 April 2016

Space Marines: Stormraven (Part 1 - Interior detail)

Hi all

Time to start another small project.

It's long overdue for me to spend some time on my Space Marine army. I never finished them off:

  1. I have a few units to complete (Bikes, Terminators, Veterans and the majority of my Command models)
  2. I never got around to applying decals (mostly due to indecision - I wanted the Raven Guard decal to form the basis of my "Stormcrow" chapter badge but was going to apply a lightning detail to it but have never managed to decide exactly how to apply that detail).
  3. Since I built them I have settled on a basing scheme that I like so they all need their bases updating.

I've been nudged out of inaction on the Marines because I've obtained a Stormraven Gunship model as a birthday gift.

So my intention is to paint up the Stormraven and then inch my way through updating the rest of the army with basing and decals before working on the outstanding units.

I'll not be working on this project exclusively as I want to interleave it with some Epic-scale stuff too so it may take me a while to finish. Wish me luck ;-)

Front and rear exit hatches

Left side and roof

Right side and floor (which I've just realised I forgot to weather!)

The cockpit

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