Friday, 6 June 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Warhound Titans - WIP (Part 1: Building)

The ever faithful companion of a Chaos Warlord (be it a mighty Titan striding across the ravaged battlefields of the Grim, Dark future, or the Mighty Warrior King leading his hosts across the tundra of the Old World) is the Warhound.

Warhound Titans in this case.

My efforts with greenstuff whilst making the Warlords pleased me, so I decided to try and do something similar for the Warhounds. Now, when I got these models stripped and started to look at them, I got a bit nervous. They're not designed to be modular like the old plastic Warlords, and are also a lot smaller too. Not as much room to muck about and not as much margin for error.

I started by adding a mass of tentacles to the first one. I'm more or less happy with this:

My second Warhound was inspired by the Warhounds I have in my Warriors of Chaos army:

That is to say, it's hairy and has bony protrusions:

Well, that's Chaos for you.

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