Friday, 7 March 2014

Imperial Guard: Valkyrie (Completed)

Here is the finished Imperial Guard Valkyrie model which was covered as a "Work in progress" in my "Painting: Imperial Guard Valkyrie" posts.

I took a long time over this project as I really liked the model. I'm very pleased with the results especially since I employed some new techniques on this model (for example Oil Washing) and along with the Baneblade tank I painted directly beforehand (covered in my "Painting: Imperial Guard Baneblade - WIP" posts) forms the best work I've ever done on Warhammer 40K Vehicles.

The Baneblade and Valkyrie have certainly galvanised me into revisiting the rest of my Imperial Guard armour and bringing it up to the same standard. Posts on that work will follow in due course.

For now, here are some pictures of the finished model:

Rear view from left, showing cabin door open and Heavy Bolter deployed. Armed with Hellstrike missiles.

Rear view from right, showing cabin door closed.

A slightly blurry shot, but I kept it as is shows the plane with multi-laser installed.

Multi-laser replaced with Lascannon, and Hellstrike replaced with Multi-launcher. Cabin door opened and Heavy Bolter deployed.

Cabin and Pilot detail

Internal Cabin detail viewed from the rear access point

Top View