Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Blood Bowl: Elves - test models

I've begun work on my second Blood Bowl team - this time it's Elves. These are old 2nd edition models and I think pre-date the "wood elf/dark elf/high elf" separation in Warhammer Fantasy. As such, I wanted to apply a colour scheme that would allow me to field them in any of the above roles.

More than that, as soon as I saw these minis in their studded boots and strappy armour, I got an unshakeable "black leather" notion stuck in my head. Don't ask why - I'll never tell.

Anyway, these are the first three models:

A catcher (center) and two Linemen (plastic models from the old "Kerrunch!" game set).

I'm trying to knock these out quickly - no more than 30-40 mins per model, so please forgive the "rough-and-ready" look!