Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bloodbowl: Orc team "Orcrington Stabley"

As sanity-saving interlude between working on big modelling projects like my Siege models and preparing whole armies for "the next game" I thought I'd catch up on some smaller pieces of work I've been neglecting for some time. This also helped the household survive the inevitable "space crunch" which occurs at Christmas time as "all my crap" (a technical term my wife uses to refer to my wargames hobby) needs to make way for large trees and piles of presents.

I decided one of these mini-projects would be to pick up some work on some long-neglected Blood Bowl models, starting with an Orc Team. I'd tentatively named them "Green Dark Raiders" just for the sake of the pun on the English team "Queens Park Rangers" until my friend Mike came up with a much better pun. There's a lower-league team in the English soccer league called "Accrington Stanley". Hereinafter, this team shall be known as "Orcrington Stabley". Thanks, Mike!

I know Blood Bowl teams' armour is normally quite brightly coloured, but I deliberately avoided going that way with this team. There were two main reasons:
  1. They're Orcs and don't want anything to do with all that pretty-shiny, humie-girly twaddle,
  2. I enjoy painting Orc skin-tones and I wanted the skin to be the most eye-catching thing about this team.
I make no apologies for the 1990's Orc skin-tones by the way. I've always preferred the warm "Goblin Green" basetone to the colours that people tend to use on Orcs these days. Sorry if you think it's a bit "old-school" or dates the models a bit. I like it. So there.

The Whole Team:

Most of these models come from the 3rd  Edition of the game (circa 1994) which I picked up from Warhammer World in about 2006 where it was still on sale as a "Specialist Game".


The model front-and-centre is a 1st Edition Blood Bowl metal model. The front-right model comes from a GW game called "Kerrunch" which was released as a sort of "rules-light, budget intro" to their games in 1991.


The model front-and-centre is a 1st Edition Blood Bowl metal model


Black Orc Blockers: