Thursday, 14 November 2013

Warhammer Siege

It's finally here! The Siege is upon me!

This is an update to an earlier post. The Siege game has (finally) taken place. I won't reveal the victor as I'm planning to cover that in a full battle report in a couple of weeks time, but as we spent such a long time preparing for this game I thought I'd take a moment out to share a few photos as a taster of what's to come.

The Beasts advance on the castle gates with their battering rams

I've spent months this year preparing for this Warhammer Siege game. It's taken a (very!) long time and I have written a number of modelling/painting posts along the way. This post simply collects them all together into a simple "table of contents" format and also links out to the blog of my opponent Mike (a.k.a. The Old Giant) who has left his preparations somewhat later than mine: He started work on his 1500 point High Elf army just 9 days before the start of the game!

The High Elf General surveys the approaching horde. "Bring it on" he mutters...

Here are the links to the various posts I've written whilst prepping for this:
The Minotaurs spill onto the walls from their Siege Tower

And here are the links to Mike's posts on his preparation:
The Elves defend the walls: Boiling oil has taken it's toll on the Beasts, but still they come!

I'll update this page again soon with a link to the BattleReport when I've written it.