Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Unboxing: Oni Night Haunter

One of the frustrating things about collecting a non-standard army from an unofficial army book (see my "Fan-Written Army Books" post) is sourcing the miniatures.

When I decided to begin collecting a Nippon army, it was fairly straightforward to find models from Perry Miniatures (see also "Unboxing: Perry Miniatures Samurai") to fill in some of the Rare, Special and HQ army slots. Also quite easy was finding the Wargames Factory models required to fill most of the Core slots (See also: "Unboxing: Wargames Factory Samurai", "Unboxing: Wargames Factory Mounted Samurai", "Unboxing: Wargames Factory Ashigaru Yari Troops" and "Unboxing: Wargames Factory Missile Troops").

But Warhammer is supposed to be a Fantasy game, not a Historical game, right? Right! So I want monsters and wizards. That's not so easy to do as those models are rare.

When Kensei get up and running (not sure how long that will take but their crowdfunding is complete now) I might be able to buy some of the more esoteric minis, but for now I'm left to scrabble around a bit and just "see what's out there".

I like Ogre-sized models so I was immediately taken by the "Oni" entry in the Nippon army list book. Oni are variously referred to as "Japanese Dae
mons" and "Japanese Ogres" if you look for them on the interweb. They're definately treated as Daemons in the army list as they are "unstable" and cause "magical attacks".

I found a good match for the illustration of Oni in an old D&D Miniature called an "Oni Night Haunter" and I fairly easily managed to pick three of these up from for about £3.00 each.

They come pre-painted and are moulded in one piece out of a plastic that's soft and pliable. You won't snap these guys but you may find paint flaking if you abuse this property.

I've photographed the model next to one of the Perry Ashigaru and also next to a GW Chaos Bestman so you get an idea of the scale.

The paintjob shown on the model is the pre-painted effort - I'll certainly be re-basing and re-painting the model (but I do like the white hair so I'll probably nick that).