Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Unboxing: Wargames Factory Ashigaru Yari Troops (Spearmen)

This is the second in my series of "Unboxing" articles of the "Rising Sun" range of Japanese Samurai-period troops from Wargames Factory.

As in the previous article about the Ashigaru Missile troops the sprues in this set are designed to stack - I'm probably going to mention that in every post in this series: I love that feature!

The sprues themselves in this set are a bit more sparse - not as many "bits and bobs" to play with. You get enough items on each sprue to build 5 Yari troops (though oddly you get 6 Yari). Each can have a Katana (sword) and Sashimono (small, personal standard). There is a variety of heads to choose from and also a standard on each sprue (which is very useful as the missile troops didn't have that feature so I'm no longer short of standards for my archers and riflemen).

Bases as before are simple 20mm x 20mm tiles.

So this set isn't as much "fun" as the Missile troops set, but it still does the job. The sculpts are clean, the quality is high and once again you get 25 models for about £16.00 so the value is great.

No complaints from me.