Monday, 29 October 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 15 - Scenics: Small hills)

More work has been done on the ever-growing gaming table project!

Also, as a matter of interest, this is my 400th published blog post!

This time, I've turned my attention to producing some hills.

Love 'em or loathe 'em, I've gone for the "tiered-hill" approach.

Sure - they don't look very realistic, but at least the models will stand on them without toppling. I find that infuriating, personally. My gaming surface is fairly hard and a lot of my models are lead (and Gravity is a long-standing nemesis of mine and takes every opportunity to stitch me up): I didn't want my models rolling off and getting dinged and damaged.

So, tiered hills it is.

I've split my hill-building efforts over two blog posts - this one showing "smaller" hills and the other showing "larger" hills.
Single-tier hills

Two-tier hills

These are just made from polystyrene sheets (bought from a local DIY store and intended for use as insulation). They some as 8' x 4' sheets and cut readily with a knife and hot-wire cutter. Textured, painted and flocked using my usual recipe and they blend in to the table surface pretty well, I think.

More scenery stuff:
More wargames table stuff:

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