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Wednesday 27 June 2018

Warhound Titan Revamp - Part 1 (Turbo Laser Phase 1)

Late last year I made a new year's resolution. I'm determined (but overdue) to stick to it.

A decade ago I scratch-built a Warhound Titan. Back then my modelling skills were not what they are now (and they ain't that great now!) and neither was my painting (ditto).

So I decided to dig it out, and smarten it up. That is to say "I'm going to dump a can of Nurgle all over it." so that it can become the focal point of my Nurgle-themed Knight army.

I've decided to start on a manageable piece and selected one of the two weapons I built - a Titan Turbo Laser.

It originally looked like this:


And now, part-way through the renovation, it looks like this:
One side

Other side


I'm not done yet - I feel that it needs more detail. I don't want to go too mental on it, though, as when I get to the main Titan carapace I need to be able to scale up whatever I do here. Pipes and tubes - I think that's what it needs.

Stay tuned.

Monday 25 June 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 3)

Another frame down! One more to go.

Once we get the fourth frame built, we can bolt them togther in order to square everything up and then it's off to the DIY Store to grab the MDF to make the shelves, tabletops and modular tiles.

This is getting real now!

I'm hoping to get him involved in actually playing the games too!

More Workshop stuff:

Monday 18 June 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 1)

I'm FINALLY getting around to setting up a dedicated Wargames space! It's an exciting project for me.

A couple of years ago I purchased an 8' x 12'' shed with the specific intention of setting up a haven at home where I could work, play and store my stuff. My long-suffering wife has put up with boxes of my junk for long enough and sanctioned the spend - she's amazing, by the way.

So, the shed was deployed in it's LZ and I set to work sorting it out. I lined the walls and ceiling with insulating foam, covered the foam with hardboard sheets and put up a couple of shelves. I put down some old carpet that had been removed from a room we redecorated, then all hell broke loose at home due to a close relative falling ill. My shed became a bit of a dumping ground, was filled with non-"me" stuff and that's how it has sat for the last two years.

A couple of weeks back I got back into it - I finished building the shelves I'd started and had a bit of a sort-out, unboxing a lot of stuff and putting it on said shelves to make some floor-space re-appear.

This weekend - with some invaluable help from my 11-year-old son - I have started work on constructing a games table. Now, I'm no carpenter. My building skills start to fail in direct proportion to the size of the object I'm building. Give me a broken Land Raider, an X-Acto and some plasticard and I'll fix it up just fine. Give me a couple of meters of pine, a hand-saw and some screws and I'll see you when I get out of hospital. You'll no doubt notice that the hardboard lining on my shed is less than precise.

So, my plan is to construct a 6' x 4' gaming surface. To support it I am building four 3' x 2' frames. These will double as a storage space with a shelf being beneath the table. Why four frames? Two reasons:
  1. I may want to be able to move this thing at some point and having four smaller frames will make that easier.
  2. I want a solid center to the table and the center of this will be where the four corners of the four frames all meet so should be pretty solid and able to bear some weight, which the shelf underneath will need to do.

Here's the completed first frame with the aforementioned 11-year-old. No tabletop or shelf in place yet:

The miniature of whom I am most proud: My son, Noah

I've got some great ideas for home-made double-sided modular gaming tiles - more on that in a few weeks when I've finished building the other three frames and got the shelf and playing surface in place.

More Workshop stuff:

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 2)

Work continues on my wargames table project.

The second of the four supporting frames has been completed and work on the third is underway.

I'm getting excited now at the fact that this is becoming a reality and that I'll soon be able to start making the tiles and some scenery pieces!

More news as it comes in.
My apprentice Wargames Table Builder, Noah
More Workshop stuff:

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Stormcast Eternals - Part 5 (What's next)

Now then - a good question.

I've got a quarter-full rattlecan of black primer and am itching to get some paint on these guys that I've been building up recently. In addition I've got a few more bits and bobs on the way too (more Palladors and a couple of Retributors) to flesh out this force.

Not enough paint to paint them all, so I'll pick & choose a few units, get spraying and then start laying down real paint.

Stay tuned!

Pictured above are:

  • 1 x Lord Celestant on Dracoth,
  • 12 x Prosecutors,
  • 25 x Liberators,
  • 3 x Palladors,
  • 5 x Hunters.

More Stormcast Eternals stuff:

Friday 1 June 2018

Scenery: Crashed Ork Gunship

I came across an interesting supplier a few weeks ago - Amera Plastic Mouldings.

These guys manufacture scenic items for wargames and other scale-modelling based hobbies.

They have pros and cons.
  • Pros: Dirt cheap. Really, really cheap.
  • Cons: They use a vacuum-moulding process so the level of detail in the models isn't at all high.

I like the pro, and I don't really mind the con. I'm painting it anyway and will also be adding basing and some texturing which will tart it up no end.

So anyway, I picked up a few bits:
  • A Sci-Fi redoubt,
  • A crashed gunship,
  • A ruined gothic cathedral

And the whole bundle, including shipping, cost me less than £20.

I'll be working my way through prepping them all, one-by-one, in-and-around doing other projects as time goes by.

First up, the crashed gunship. It's not a W40K specific model, but is clearly 28mm scale and looks a bit sci-fi so I've gone with the notion of painting it to match my Orks:

More Ork stuff: