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Monday 26 February 2018

Imperial Agents: Eversor Assassin

As a minor departure from larger projects (plenty of those on the go!) I figured I'd do a couple of bits and bobs that I'd always wanted to get around to but never did.

I've not long ago finished reading the Horus Heresy novel "Nemesis: war within the shadows" which deals with assassins from the four clades.

I'd always liked the original assassin models but never got around to actually picking one up. Inspired by the book, I hit ebay and grabbed an Eversor model - one of the original metal models, not one of the newer plastics that came out with the "Assassinorum: Execution Force" game.

I was a little annoyed when it arrived to discover it was missing a backpack - a detail I'd overlooked from the item's description. Never mind - I created a rudimentary replacement from greenstuff.

So, here he is, the lovable little amped-up, drug-fuelled, psychopathic, frenzied killer:

Now that I look  at him photographed, there are a number of things I might go back and revisit about this model. At the moment there are other things I want to work on more and he's certainly tabletop-ready, so I'll bookmark him for a possible later 2nd look.

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Wednesday 14 February 2018

Kharadron Overlords: Grundstok Thunderers

My model-painting rota has come around once again so I get to have a second look at the Kharadron Overlords.

This time around I want to get on to other things, so I decided to just paint one small unit: 5 x Grundstok Thunderers.

I found the business of attaching the arms/weapons to these guys very fiddly. In fact one model  has a left arm that's a little dislocated as a result.

Still, I think they painted up OK.

Next time around (which might be a while - there's a lot in the queue) I'll probably tackle a bigger set of models in order to make a proper dent in this army.

More Kharadron Overlords stuff:

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Kharadron Overlords: Arkanaut Admiral

Another day, another army.

That's how it seems to be going at the moment - I have 10 (yes - ten!) different wargames projects on the go at the moment. I have to say none of them seem set to come to an end any time soon so I'm juggling them on a rota basis.

Anyway - the 10th project (and I swear I'm not starting any more until something gets completed) is underway with a modest start. I own one (I counted him twice) model for this army at this point in time and here he is - the Boss Man for my Age of Sigmar Kharadron Overlords army:

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Monday 12 February 2018

Stormcast Eternals: Part 4 - Liberators 1

My mini Stormcast-binge comes to an end with this unit. I have more models to work on, but they will have to wait their turn.

Not my favourite models, these guys.

Not enough detail to make them interesting, and a lot of the detail that is there is ill-defined (I'm talking about you shoulder-pads).

The Liberator Prime is an exception - I enjoyed painting him.

I've done my usual here and stuck to a very limited palette - I try to use as few colours as possible when I work as I feel that too much colour just makes things look confused. So here it's basically red, blue and metals.

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Monday 5 February 2018

Stormcast Eternals: Part 3 - Lord Relictor

Another model rolls out of the workshop - I'm still on my small Stormcast binge and this time it's the
turn of the Lord Relictor. I'm putting off the batch I have to do next (some Liberators) as I find their models a little "flat" - there's not enough detail on them and they're a little dull to paint. What detail there is on the shoulder pads and tabards isn't sharp enough for my ageing eyes to do the best job on.

Anyway - it's not by accident that these guys are painted after a vaguely Ultramarines style. I've always like the bright blue of the Ultramarines, it just seemed a bit daft on a battlesuit in a setting where long ranged combat is king. I'd much rather be invisible than wearing a 8' tall "SHOOT HERE" sign.

In a fantasy setting I think there's more scope for colour, especially on a "high fantasy" force like the Stormcast. Maybe not so easy to get away with on something like Goblins or Ogres.

Enough burbling - here's the model:

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