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Stormcast Eternals (Age of Sigmar)

The Orruks stood panting in the cold air of the battlefield, the steam from their foetid breath mingling with the steam rising from the spilled innards of the vanquished Duardin.

Nothing now stood between them and their ultimate target.

They had slaughtered their way across the plains, razing villages and towns as they went. None had been able to stand against their unbridled savagery. All who had tried had lived to regret it. But only for a very, very short time.

With their customary lack of regard for the bodies of the fallen, the Orruks lumbered into motion. Some paused to wipe blood from their cleavers on the Duardin dead. Others didn't pause, stumbling into motion looking for their next battle, crushing the corpses of the dead under their nail-shod boots. Others still simply started walking, licking the blood from their weapons as they shambled onward.

They left the battlefield in a ragged mob, tramping their way across the plains. The clouds roiled above them and a dry, ozone smell settled over the area. If a storm was coming, it was to be a bad one. Curiously, there was no wind.

Lightning cracked above the Orruks. They paid it little heed. Another flash and thunder clap. Yet another rent the sky, followed by another.

Still, no wind disturbed the scene, but the stench of ozone was becoming overpowering.

The Orruks crashed to a halt as another lightning flash bloomed, this one hitting the ground not a hundred yards from their front line. The flash left bright spots swimming before their eyes.

More flashes followed in quick succession, all hitting the ground ahead of the Orruk horde.

The storm ended as quickly as it had begun. The whole event had last but a few moments. The clouds boiled away leaving a clear sky. The ozone reek lifted. There was still no wind and what it was that had cleared the sky and rid the battlefield of the ozone smell was not apparent.

It took a moment for the Orruks' vision to clear of the bright spots and streaks that had been seared into their retinas by the lightning. As their vision cleared, they started in surprise, muttering amongst themselves in their guttural tongue.

They were no longer alone on the plains.

When the Kharadron Overlords were released I took my first real look at Age of Sigmar.

I had no issue with GW releasing AoS (though I do lament the demise of Warhammer and The Old World - they were in very real terms my first Wargaming experience and I've also spent many, many happy hours roleplaying in TOW).

I'd just not gotten around to it. Simple as that.

So I grabbed the Kharadron book, the AoS rules and the Order & Chaos books.

One of the things that I picked up along the way was a slim volume which included a free Stormcast Liberator model. I painted him. One thing led to another and I am now the proud owner of these guys!

I find the Stormcast an odd bunch, models-wise. I think the basic liberator is a fairly poor model. The efforts Citadel have made to mould detail (hammers, lightning flashes) into the shoulder armour are poor and ill-defined. The same goes for the tabards that hang between the legs. Other models like the Decimators and the Liberator Prime are great!

Anyway - here they are. They're a Work In Progress so more will be added over time:

Lord Relictor

Liberators 1

Decimators 1

Prosecutors 1
Liberators 2
Vanguard Hunters

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