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Orks (Warhammer 40,000)

+++ Ork attack approaching to within heavy weapons range +++

The Evil Sunz had descended on the planet a few short hours before. The attack hadn't taken the Imperial Garrison by surprise - the Orks had been leaking radiation and noise all over the scanners for days as their ships burnt their way towards them. They'd had plenty of time to reinforce, maintain and arrange their defences and weapons. They had drilled, rested, charged power-cells and arranged supply chains for heavy weapon emplacements. They'd written to their loved ones.

When the Orks started to rain from above in their ramshackle 'planes, the skies had darkened - partially due to the number of aircraft and parachutes (some of which had clearly failed as evidenced by their rate of descent. Ork drop troops were clearly cheaply spent. Or crazy. Or both. Probably both) - partially due to the choking fumes that belched out of their exhausts.

Their numbers were stunning. How so many Orks had been carried in the transports tracked by the Navy controllers was mind-boggling. They must have been crammed to the rafters. No matter. They were here. Close enough to hear their roaring. Close enough to smell.

+++ Ground Attack commences +++

Drool spilled from the maw of Kickbutt Brainmangler as his iron-shod foot stamped down on the head of the Astra Militarum officer. The officer's helmet and skull crunched satisfyingly. Kickbutt turned as a las-bolt zinged harmlessly off his power-claw and fired a burst of slugga-shot in the general direction the bolt had come from. Something screamed. Could have been a humie, could have been a runt. Didn't matter.

Da boss had found a good ruck this time - Kickbutt was having a blast. He'd lost count of the number of humies he'd croaked. That always happened when he got past five. Can't count past five with a power-claw on the other hand. No matter. Killin' time.


Here is my Ork army for Warhammer 40,000. I've put off working on these guys for years. I think Orks are great, brilliant fun but I do find painting them a bit of a grind. That said, I do quite enjoy painting their flesh.

What can I say - I'm a contrary sort.

On the subject of being contrary: You'll no doubt notice that there is a mixture of Evil Sunz heraldry here intermingled with Goff checkers. The reason is simple: They are Evil Sunz, but I like the checkers so I added some anyway. If you are unhappy with that please don't tell me: I'm very unlikely to alter it to cheer you up.

This page will grow as I complete more units.
A warboss
And his Squigs
Nobz Mob #1

Boyz Mob #1

Killa Kan#1

Killa Kan #2

Killa Kan #3

Rogue Trader era Dreadnought, using as Kill Kan #4

Kan's en masse

Boyz Mob #2
Gretchin Herd #1

Nobz Mob #2

More Ork stuff:

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