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Tuesday 24 June 2014

Saturday 21 June 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Daemon Engines of Khorne (3 of 4 - Death Dealers)

More Epic Death of a Chaosy bent: Death Dealers!

These guys are horribly-beweaponed siege towers with a giant possessed Chaos robot nailed to the front for good measure:

I think they may have been the inspiration for the much later produced "Lord of Skulls" model:
This isn't mine - this pic was nicked from the GW website
The Death Dealers will sit alongside the Cauldrons of Blood and Towers of Skulls models to form two Daemon Engines units.

Other Epic: Chaos-related stuff

Thursday 19 June 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Daemon Engines of Khorne (2 of 4 - Cauldrons of Blood)

Some more horribleness ready to roll across the battlefield in order to obtain Blood for the Blood God!

And these guys come ready to collect it and bring it home too, all in one easy package!

I struggled with these a little due to some miscasts along the seams that join the upper half of the model to the lower half - some of the eyes on the row of three smaller skulls are a little "smushed" as a result.

Each of these will join one of the "Tower of Skulls" models to form two units of "Daemon Engines". They'll each be accompanied by a "Death Dealer" model which I'll start painting tonight to form two units of three models each.

Other Epic: Chaos-related stuff

Monday 16 June 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Daemon Engines of Khorne (1 of 4 - Towers of Skulls)

The Epic Chaos train keeps on rolling - this time some very, very old (25 years or so) Daemon Engines of Khorne.

These are still supported by the NetEpic rules and have been sitting in my "Box of Epic wonder" for a very, very long time. I honestly can't remember how I came by them, or the other Engines I'll be painting for the next few posts.

The Daemon Engines are fielded in mix'n'match units of three, so each of these will be accompanying a "Cauldron of Blood" and a "Death Dealer". They will form parts "2 of 4" and "3 of 4" of my Daemon Engines posts and part "4 of 4" will be a unit of 3 "Cannons of Khorne".

Other Epic: Chaos-related stuff

Friday 13 June 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Command Stands

An army needs Generals. An Epic army may need several.

Here are mine:

These were made from leftovers. I didn't have a huge number of sprues to build this army from so I had to rope in bits and pieces that shouldn't really be standing alongside a Chaos Warlord to fill out the "honour guard" - a Chaos Devastator Marine and an Imperial Marine (the mutations just haven't kicked in yet).

This isn't a blurry photo - I painted him like this. It's a holo-field mutation.

I've just realised this is my 30th post on this project making this my most blogged-about piece of work so far. Wow!

Other Epic: Chaos-related stuff

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Warhound Titans - Complete

And another troop type for my Epic Chaos force is completed. Here are the painted versions of the Warhounds I built last week:

I'm pleased with the way these fellas turned out (the models more than the photos, anyway - I must start following my own advice rather than just taking snaps with my phone).

Anyway - I'm getting more used to using greenstuff - I think I've done OK with the Tentacles on this fella:

I was initially not sure about this guy - I sculpted the hair first and didn't really like it. Once I added the horns, though I was much more pleased. I think it works. I angled him backwards to try and give a "howling at the moon" look.

Other Epic: Chaos-related stuff

Friday 6 June 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Warhound Titans - WIP (Part 1: Building)

The ever faithful companion of a Chaos Warlord (be it a mighty Titan striding across the ravaged battlefields of the Grim, Dark future, or the Mighty Warrior King leading his hosts across the tundra of the Old World) is the Warhound.

Warhound Titans in this case.

My efforts with greenstuff whilst making the Warlords pleased me, so I decided to try and do something similar for the Warhounds. Now, when I got these models stripped and started to look at them, I got a bit nervous. They're not designed to be modular like the old plastic Warlords, and are also a lot smaller too. Not as much room to muck about and not as much margin for error.

I started by adding a mass of tentacles to the first one. I'm more or less happy with this:

My second Warhound was inspired by the Warhounds I have in my Warriors of Chaos army:

That is to say, it's hairy and has bony protrusions:

Well, that's Chaos for you.

Other Epic: Chaos-related stuff

Monday 2 June 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Warlord Titans - Complete!

All tooled up and ready to kick some serious bottom!

I've completed the build and paintjobs on my Chaos Warlords:
Everyone say "Cheese!"
Each titan is shown individually below armed with a random assortment of weapons. I have four of each weapon (chaos arms and tails aside) which are all interchangeable. The tails and chaos arms are magnetised, all the rest are push-fit so you can customise your titan from one game to the next.

Titan #1

Titan #2

Titan #3


I might take a day off before I move on to the next unit.

Other Epic: Chaos-related stuff