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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Kings of War: Ogres (Ogre Captain)

I figured it was about time I picked up work on my long-neglected Ogre army for Kings of War.

To date I own 63 models for this army and have only painted a grand total of six. Not great progress (though I am pleased with what I've actually painted - does that count for anything?)

Anyway - I have painted up the Ogre Captain that will lead the force taking my grand total from six to seven models done. Occupational hazard of juggling armies, I guess. Especially when GW start releasing new stuff (like Kharadron Overrlords) and I've been nudged into picking up a project I did some collecting for a couple of years back but never started (Heresy Death Guard). That brings my roster of currently live projects to 8 forces. Way too many.

But fun.

More Ogres stuff:

Kings of War: Ogres (Warriors Unit 1)

So I've started another army! That gives me 5 different forces I'm  working on all at the same time!


Anyway - this time it's a set of Ogres from Mantic for Kings of War.

Kings of War is a great game - Mantic have done so well with this ruleset. Great fun to play.

So I got me some Ogres. I like Mantic's Ogres - I grew up with Citadel minis and these models hark back to the aesthetic that Citadel Ogres used to have before the design studio re-invented them as having big wobbly tummies.

They're made of Restic (Mantic's Resin) and - if I'm honest - they don't fit together too well. There was a lot of brute strength required to stick these guys together.

Mantic are very generous with parts though - several heads and arms are supplied so you can build them as either hand weapon and shield or two-handed weapons. There's not much room for poseach variation, however.

More Ogres stuff:

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 9

Almost there!

All done apart from the shoulder armour, and it's looking just the way I'd hoped it would: suppurating, pestilential, corrupt and revolting.

More Nurgle Knights stuff:

Thursday 20 April 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 8

Onwards and upwards - time to get the upper part of this model sorted out.

I've constructed and painted the main torso section and got the head and the cowl around the head sorted out.

I'm enjoying the process of modifying this model - sculpting the buboes and gashes and so on is good fun. I've got no idea what I'm doing, but I'm enjoying it.

More Nurgle Knights stuff:

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 7

It's finished!

Well, from the waist down anyway.

I've managed to squeeze in the armour panel that I was blocking with the Nurglings - a tentacle and horn had to go and I had to tie it fast with string whilst the glue was drying to stop it levering out of place but it worked and it's now in place, along with all the other leg armour.

I've added my usual mix of basing materials too and I think it's looking pretty good:

Time to start on the upper half!

More Nurgle Knights stuff:

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 6

OOOooooooohhhhhh!!!!!! Getting proper excited now!!

Since my last post I've done more work on the metals (more drybrushing and some washes), completed the Nurglings and painted and attached the first of the armour plates (upper legs).

It's starting to look exactly as I'd hoped it would!

I still need to solve the issue of the Nurgling near the foot - I think I can just trim it down a little and squeeze the leg armour in so I'm trying not to do anything too drastic at this stage.

More Nurgle Knights stuff:

Nurgle Knight titans: Part 5

Finally I am at a stage where some paint can start to go on the first Knight. To say I'm elated would be over-egging it a little, but not by too much.

So at this stage I've put an  over-brushed basecoat on the Nurglings, drybrushed the rubble and ground on the base and applied a load of metallic drybrush-work in three different shades to the mechanical bits of the legs:

For my next trick I'm  hoping to complete the Nurglings and get the armour plates done.

One thing I've realised is that the Nurglings near the left foot of the model are going to get in the way of the leg armour. I'll mull that over and decide on a course of action.

Stay tuned.

More Nurgle Knights stuff:

Saturday 1 April 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 4

The corrupting power of Nurgle has finished working it's rotten magic (in other words the modelling phase is complete)! Everything is ready for a spraycan undercoat.

Here are some photos of the mutated armour sections of the Knight taken just prior to being undercoated:
Legs, base & decorative Nurglings. The white bits are insulating foam
Right Pauldron

Left Pauldron

Shin plates


Head armour

Thigh plates

Knee plates

Codpiece & Hood

Chest plate

More Nurgle Knights stuff: