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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Warlord Titan (Part 6 - Armour-geddin' on with it...)

So I decided not to try to solve my issue with the legs bing on backwards as - once the armour was on (hail blu-tak!) it looked OK and seemed to be stable (bye-bye blu-tak, hello glue!).

The trickiest bit was the patella-plates - they're sort of pinned, sort of perched. The rest is fine.

However, I am now facing a new dilemma...

When I started this, I figured "this is going to be a big model. I like to keep my range of colours to a minimum as I dislike 'busy' paintjobs, but all one colour would be a bit too solid."

So I opted for a two-tone scheme. And I'm starting to worry that even that may be too solid. So for the upper part of the model, I might introduce something else. Don't know what yet.

More Warlord Titan Stuff:

Friday 19 June 2020

Warlord Titan (Part 5 - Hip Hip Hooray!)

I have printed, painted and assembled the Titan's upper legs and hips.

I *have* made an error along the way though: I have assembled the lower legs backward (so the front armour is on the back of the legs). Unfortunately I didn't realise this until I'd attached the upper part of the legs.

So the net effect is that the knees are all wrong!

I have dry-fitted the upper leg and knee armour and I think that - when painted - I will get away with it.

I still feel like a complete mung-bean though. I *could* try and break it apart and reassemble it, but I don't want to damage either the model or the paintjob.

I'll soldier on, I think.

Thursday 4 June 2020

Warlord Titan (Part 4 - Two legs!)

Progress is still being made. I've assembled and don initial painting on both lower-leg sections.

This has been a drybrushing jamboree! Hope I don't run short of metallics before finishing this off.

I think the blue/yellow combination works well, but I am realising why I normally avoid yellow - it's a horrible colour to paint with. I've never found a yellow that covers well; it always requires many coats to build up a decent solid cover.

There's a lot of armour left to add to these legs - can't wait!