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Moria (Middle Earth SBG)

The rat knew it was in trouble. It was running for it's life without knowing what it was actually running from. It could just feel the danger.

There was no sound except the scritching of its own claws on the hard stone floor and its own laboured breathing. There was nothing to see except utter, utter blackness. But it still knew the only thing to do was to run. Fast. Only it's most primal instincts stopped it from colliding with walls or fallen pillars, but the rat knew to trust those instincts, after all, it was still alive so far.

So it ran and ran until it could run no more. Exhausted, it needed a hiding place. But how do you hide in utter blackness when you don't even know what you're hiding from?

You use your whiskers. It picked a direction and started sensing for a crevice or a hole somewhere. It took a moment or two, but luck was on its side; finding a small cranny is backed in, tail first. It waited, rested, preparing itself to run again. The feeling of utter, gut-gnawing dread was still there. And growing.

Then - and still without knowing why - the frightened rat voided it's bowels. Terror gripped the pit of its stomach and literally crushed its soul. It grew brighter in the chamber and the rat could finally see through wide, terrified eyes. The temperature rose unbearably, the light was becoming too bright to bear but the rat simply could not close its eyes against it. The smells - its own fur, burning, crisping; sulphurous smoke; the flinty smell of hot stone - was overpowering.

It - whatever it was - was coming and the terrified rat simply died as it's heart burst in its chest.

I was originally planning to put all my Middle Earth SBG stuff on a single static page. I guess I wasn't expecting to get as seriously hooked on collecting this stuff as I have. Originally, It was just going to be a few Goblins and a few Orcs. Then it all went haywire and I have ended up doing the Fellowship, an entire Moria army, Isengard, Mordor/Barad Dur, Dunharrow and built Osgiliath too.

So I'm setting up separate pages for each force to make it more readable. This is the first: Moria.

Moria Goblins:


Durburz - The Goblin King

Goblin Captain #1

Goblin Shaman - The Beastcaller

Goblin Captain #2

Groblog - Goblin King

Goblin Captain #3

Goblin Captain #4

Goblin Captain #5


Spearmen #1
Spearmen #2

Spearmen #3


Swordsmen #1

Swordsmen #2

Swordsmen #3

Other troops:

Cave Troll
Wild Wargs

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